Synchrona has been established in 1984 by Anneke Tilanus.

She started the company to import software for the just released Apple Macintosh computer, for which there was hardly any software available in the Netherlands. With the advent of major software distributors this activity has ended.

From the outset Synchrona has also been providing SAS® training, both in public classes as in-house. The experience gained in this training has been the basis of the book "Werken met SAS" (Working with the SAS System), written by Erik Tilanus. First published in the Dutch language, later translated and published in English by SAS Institute Inc.

Later Synchrona's activities have been shifted from training to consultancy and training became part of the consultancy where appropriate.

In the 1990's Synchrona expanded it's activities into airline business, in particular reservation system procurement and revenue management strategies. Also in this line of business consultancy and training went hand in hand. 

Today these two business area's: airline business consulting and SAS consulting are still the core activities of Synchrona.